The TikTok For Business slogan, “Don’t make ads, make TikToks” is one of the most unique and powerful advertising models in the social industry today. As an avid TikToker, I couldn’t appreciate it more. When I’m scrolling through the FYP, I can almost immediately tell when an ad is playing, and I swipe past as quickly as possible. But every so often, an ad is so creative and natural to the platform that I’ll watch it for a few moments before I even realize it’s an ad. So, this week, I created an in-feed ad for Dunkin’ using a small, but growing, TikTok trend. As TikTok For Business states, “Engage with users who are at the forefront of the latest trends and movements.” I noticed the trend, where users choose between two options, popping up only within the past few days, so this is ad would be extremely relevant if Dunkin’ participated. …

While scrolling through Instagram this week, I was served an ad from Wheels Up (@wheelsup8760), the “leading brand in private aviation with one of the world’s largest owned and managed fleets.” I’m not looking to travel anywhere, anytime soon, and even if I were, I wouldn’t do so via private aviation. It got me thinking: we are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day, according to Forbes, and there are tangible ways for brands to improve them. For this article, let’s focus on the ad itself (copy and creative) as well as audience targeting tactics.

Copy and Creative

The photo is what originally caught my eye, due mostly in part to the recent stories that uncovered how influencers are posing in fake private jets for travel photos. However, after reading the copy and perusing the account, I realized they were legit. That said, I can’t imagine any normal person around my age would spend the extra money to travel via private aviation when commercial flights and ground transportation methods are much cheaper. Private aviation is a luxury that not many can afford; therefore, inaccurate targeting is what I believe ultimately makes this ad unsuccessful. Before the creative is even conceptualized, Wheels Up should have narrowed their target audience by developing user personas. By learning about their customer to the core and considering the purpose or intent of the customer and other behavior facts or information related to their interests would improve their targeting. Then, they should also consider the platform they use to target. I did a simple google search for private aviation business strategies and found that Facebook is the best way to generate leads for Private Jet Charter Services. They might already be advertising on Facebook, but they should be evaluating their success, pivoting their strategy in real-time, and retargeting users they have already reached. Once Wheels Up further defines their audience and targets them more accurately, they need to improve their copy. …

In 2016, Adweek called user-generated content (UGC) the “next big thing” to drive engagement and sales on social media. Fast forward to today, UGC is the big thing.

UGC is extremely important in bridging the gap between a brand, organization, or business and its target audience. In the case of Born Zillennial, I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of UGC in the group; and to no one’s surprise, UGC has been some of the highest performing posts to date.

While there is UGC littered throughout the group, one group trend in particular sticks out against the rest: Halloween costumes.

I posted to the group well before Halloween prompting group members to share their Zillennial Halloween costume ideas as well a share their best costumes from years prior. The comment section was active, but it wasn’t until Halloween approached that the authentic, effective UGC started pouring in. …

This week, I created a social media asset to address an issue I’ve noticed in #BornZillennial: pending posts. The group receives, on average, 500+ post submissions every day, and it can be difficult to review them all. With the help of my team of moderators, we are better equipped to at least review all the pending posts and either approve them to the feed or decline and give feedback. However, even with the extra eyes reviewing the submissions, the team and I realized that a majority of the posts, even those with the perfect Zillennial content, were not executed well enough to be approved to the page. (e.g. uncropped memes, unengaging captions, etc.) As we began declining more posts than before and providing feedback as to why the submissions were declined, we also received more responses inquiring about overall submission expectations. …

In recent years, we’ve seen individuals and organizations harness the power of social media to spark social movements. From #MeToo, to Greta Thunberg, to #BlackLivesMatter, we’ve witnessed tangible change brought upon society with social media playing an integral part in the success. It has never been easier to reach people online and share a message, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to actually convert users to advocates who will share that message. As the number of causes and issues that request users’ support increases, anyone looking to spark a social movement may need to pivot their approach to stand out.

Fandoms and online communities are forming around a new kind of influencer: the charismatic leader. …

Gen Z has a strong voice, but it often goes unheard by older generations. Therefore, one of the best ways to reach them is by acknowledging their existence and validating their opinions. A cohort of the most diverse, politically informed, and technologically advanced generations need to be reminded that they matter, and they are to be trusted.

I created a TikTok video as a Gen Z that aims to reach Gen Z by voicing our frustrations through a trend on TikTok. I used Ariana Grande’s new song “Shut up” as inspiration, as Grande’s music is flooding the app following the release of her sixth studio album. …

I created a private Facebook group that is celebrating 90K members less than a month since it’s inception. I was lucky enough to gain a majority of my current members in a few short days, but as the immediate flood of new members has decreased, I’m focused on growing #BornZillennial slowly but surely.


Hashtaging on social can significantly increase the visibility of a group, issue, or topic. I’ve begun to brand my social media posts with an original hashtag: #BornZillennial. As the group continues to grow, and members become involved with the Zillennial mindset outside of the Facebook group, I want to increase the visibility of this hashtag across all platforms. …

David DObrik Image source: TubeFilter

If you don’t know who David Dobrik is, have you been living under a brick — I mean, rock?

Named “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon” by The Wall Street Journal, his ubiquitous influence across all social platforms has redefined youth culture and online community building. Dobrik started creating content on Vine back in 2013 but transitioned to YouTube when Vine shut down (RIP) and has since amassed one of the largest social media followings across all platforms. His YouTube channel boasts over 18 million subscribers, and his videos collectively have about 7 billion views. In 2019, the channel was the fifth-most viewed creator channel on YouTube. That’s not even the half of it. He’s garnered 14.3M Instagram followers, 5.5M Twitter followers, and 23.3M

Born Zillennial on Facebook

I created a private Facebook group for people who are “born sometime in the ’90s and shaped by the early 2000s, too young to be Millennials and too old for Gen Z” as an assignment for one of my University of Florida graduate courses. I quickly realized recruiting for an online community was far trickier than I imagined. …

I recently created a Facebook Group to connect those born in the ’90s but shaped by early ’00s culture. We’re not Millennial, we’re not Gen Z, and we deserve a name: Zillennials.

#1 – Defined your group’s purpose

Before I launched the group, I needed to define my purpose. Once I had a working definition, I needed to include it in the group’s About section so potential group members could read it and decide if they identified with the group’s purpose or not. Below is a snippet of how I defined my group’s purpose in the About section.


Matt Duffy

Gator fanatic. Music lover. Digital storyteller. Matt is pursuing a graduate degree in digital strategy through the University of Florida Online Degree Program.

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